NaPoWriMo Day Sixteen

Letting my mind write whatever it wants can lead to some unexpected outcomes.  It started out as a simple bit of horror.  Suddenly it’s about my father.


A Child In The Dark

The moon peeps through the lowering cloud,
Makes shadows on the wall.
I tell myself that’s what I see,
Convince myself that’s all.

But then the moon is gone again,
But still the shape is there.
So I look for another way,
To chase away the scare.

I want to hide beneath my sheets,
Can’t tear my gaze away.
Just barely I can see it move,
It’s in my mind I say.

The darker shape within the dark,
A blacker shade of black.
Too dark to see and yet I see,
The spikes along it’s back.

Such things as this cannot exist,
They simply cannot be.
And yet the claws that tug my sheets,
Slay rationality.

I do the only thing I can,
I scream with all my might.
And hear my fathers footsteps come,
Know he’ll turn on the light.

Dark scrapes it’s claws along my leg,
The pain it makes me cry.
Then suddenly the light is on,
My fathers question “Why?”

I try to tell between the sobs,
Of darkness that was there,
“Don’t worry son it’s just a dream,
You’re safe no monster’s there.”

I wish that I could be as sure,
As father seems to be.
I guess for now he’s sure enough,
I’ll trust and wait and see.

Cheers, Winston

NaPoWriMo Day Fifteen

Yesterday was just a little too bleak.  So today I figured to write about the one thing in my life that is always wonderful.  No matter how lousy I feel, my incredible wife is always there to make me smile.

My Angel Lynn

There is someone who listens as,
I endlessly recite.
And try to tweak the words just so,
On every verse I write.

She always tries to see that I,
Am happy if she can.
And when it comes to sketch or verse,
She is my biggest fan.

The greatest pleasure in my life,
Is time she spends with me.
The truth is, time I spend with her’s,
The happiest I’ll be,

Sometimes we laugh and laugh until, Most think we’ve lost our minds.
Laugh at the strangest, random things,
Like glowing white behinds.

Sometimes we sit and don’t say much,
Just want each other near.
Soft gentle sounds of souls content,
Are all you’re apt to hear.

She’s everything to me you see,
My lovely Angel Lynn,
And paradise for me is found,
Whichever place she’s in.

I do not know what I would be,
If she were not with me,
And yet I know the truth is this,
A lesser man you’d see.

So thank you Lynn for all you are
And all the joy you bring.
I love you more than I can tell,
You are my everything.

Cheers, Winston

NaPoWriMo Day Fourteen

If todays post seems a little bleak, just chalk it up to me still suffering with my cold and reading way too much news on my day off. 

Not Today…. But SOON.

Now once again the skies are dark,
No rockets fly today.
The drive and budget for the stars,
Have long since gone away.

We sit and watch our planet fail,
We know it cannot last.
Our dreams of getting off our rock,
Now languish in our past.

We built a chance then squandered it.
On petty brinkmanship,
Our leaders need to buy votes then,
Denied our future trip.

We could have worked as one for once
Our future to redeem.
Instead we stood our ground to make,
Our nation-state supreme

If we had looked ahead a bit,
We wouldn’t be here now.
Where fifty billion mourn the loss,
Of Earth’s last, lonely cow .

When oceans rose and drowned our shores,
We shouldn’t have been here.
There were the means just not the will,
To save mankind so dear.

So now I stand alone and watch,
The ending of my race,
I look up at the stars and wish,
That we had gone to space.

Cheers, Winston

NaPoWriMo Day Thirteen

Working in retail means I get exposed to whatever virus is currently making the rounds. Turns out there is a vicious head cold out there. Trust me on this.

The Plague Day One

I have a plague within my nose,
A nasty common cold.
It runs and stuffs and blocks and hurts,
This joke is getting old,

I hate it when I feel like this,
My brain is in a fog.
I cannot think or focus much,
I am sick as a dog.

The truth is that my dog does not,
Have any plague at all.
I have enough for both of us,
As sicker still I fall.

To write this verse takes all my strength,
It’s all my brain can do.
I hope you do not get this plague,
I’d not wish it on you.

So now I go to rest my head,
Perhaps a nap to take.
I hope my drugs will do their job,
Fix this crap ere I wake.

Cheers, Winston

NaPoWriMo Day Twelve

Walking to work today I had to stop to catch my breath because of pains in my chest. This started me thinking “What if..”  This poem is the result of those musings.

The Stygian Maiden

A maiden sits upon a bank,
Midst flowers near a stream.
I know this place I’ve seen her here,
But that was just a dream.

How can it be I see her now?
When last I do recall;
I was at work my boring job,
Some boring conference call.

Did I doze off again at work?
My boss will have a fit,
But I don’t care since I am here,
I’ll make the best of it.

I look at her as she sits there,
So peaceful and so still.
I wish that I could see her face,
Somehow don’t think I will.

The clouds now swallow up the sun,
The sky turns dark and grey.
Excitement’s gone with fear replaced,
She starts to turn my way,

Her dress and hair merge into one,
A robe of deepest black.
There is no face beneath the hood,
A scythe across her back.

She reaches out a bony hand,
Plucks two coins from my fist.
She doesn’t speak but gestures to,
A boat there in the mist.

I know her now this maiden dark,
It all comes back to me.
The sudden pain, the falling down,
My God! This cannot be!

But she had come to warn me then,
With my first heart attack.
That if I did not change my ways,
Quite soon she would be back.

I do not want to cross the stream,
But I am in the boat.
I want to stay but cannot change,
The fate my own hand wrote.

Cheers, Winston

NaPoWriMo Day Eleven

I’ve seen and heard one too many ads attacking Liberal leader JustinTrudeau. Instead of trying to frighten voters with Justins plan to legalize marijuana, why not talk about your own plans to decriminalize it?  I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen a whole lot of ads attacking the Conservatives.  Just trying to level the playing field here.

The Conservative Playbook

Release the hounds it’s time to vote,
There’s character to smear,
Don’t educate constituents,
Just make damn sure they fear.

The sound byte out of context is,
Our favourite blade to twist.
The public will not hear our foes,
If our lies have them pissed.

We can do just what we like,
And no one cares a bit.
‘Cause every press release we drop,
It’s “PR spin that shit.”

So let the others have their say,
Then remix every part.
The public’s sure to go for it.
We know they’re not that smart,

If voters start to question us,
It’s Chretien’s name we’ll use.
Then power’s ours for four more years,
To squander and abuse.

Cheers, Winston

NaPoWriMo Day Ten

The ongoing expressions of faith (specifically Christian) on Facebook have caught my eye again. This poem is for all those who feel obliged to tell me how great their God is.

I Believe…. That’s all you need to know.

There’s scads of Gods and Goddesses,
Enough to go around.
But when the real work needs done,
They’re nowhere to be found.

Their offerings and sacrifice
Are all they care about,
And knocking up some mortal lass,
A holy act no doubt.

But when a plague needs curing,
Or there’s homeless to be fed.
Your deity I safely bet,
Is still at home in bed.

So worship them if that’s your thing,
I won’t get in your way.
But don’t tell me to live like you,
Or fear your judgement day.

I have my life and my beliefs,
I don’t force them on you.
So keep your faith and keep your Gods,
And I will keep mine too.

Cheers, Winston


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