When I was a kid, my brother Jack spent countless hours winding me up with ghost stories.  He took a perverse delight in terrifying me.  We had no hydro or TV and the nearest neighbor was miles away.  I guess I was his entertainment. 

He had a knack for turning the most mundane thing into a source of pure terror.  For instance…. a flight of stairs.

The Cellar Stairs

A narrow stair, a slippery stair,
A stair into the black.
To take this path, to travel down,
Is never to come back.

A basement stair, a cellar stair,
Just how far can it go?
What’s waiting there? What’s lurking there?
If you go down you’ll know.

It’s just a stair, a simple stair,
There’s nothing there to fear,
Then why the shakes, and why the sweats,
Each time that you go near?

A wooden stair, a shaky stair,
It waits to take you down.
To every terror you can dream,
Your very soul to drown.

A dreaded stair, a hated stair,
You’re frozen at the top.
If you should slip, if you should fall,
You know you’ll never stop.

A proving stair, a testing stair,
Your brother eggs you on,
If you complete this trial then,
Your fear will soon be gone.

A haunted stair, a cursed stair,
This brother told you so.
And now he nudges you a step,
And says you have to go.

A treacherous stair, a fickle stair,
You want to flee this place.
You turn to go, you turn to run,
You foot slips into space.

Triumphant stair, victorious stair,
You plummet to your doom.
Your brother calls down from the top,
“Now I’ll have my own room.”

Cheers, Winston

For years I suffered from crippling social anxiety, stress and depression.  It took a long time and a lot of hard work to get to where I am now.  This poem is to help people understand three who are now where I was then.

It’s An Illness, Not A Choice

Another day has dawned and I,
Still lost within my mind,
I wander aimless through it’s halls,
By memory designed.

I know that I should face my day,
But Iangorous I remain,
For in my mind all things work out,
And I control my pain.

The voices in my head come out,
And talk to me all day.
They laugh and fight and carry on,
They race about and play.

With all that goes on in my head,
The real world fades.
I get lost in the wonder of,
My own internal parades.

My friends all say I should get out,
And join the world again.
I say I will and mean it too,
I’m kind of vague on when.

I think today may be the day,
Start planning in my head.
But now it’s dark and here I am,
Still planning in my bed.

So here I am and here I stay,
Can’t say when I’ll stop by.
For I am trapped here in my head,
Enough to make you cry.

Cheers, Winston

Reading some Poe earlier lent tonights verse a more macabre air.  Infidelity, vengeance and remorse…. Enjoy!

Ghost of a Romance

You come to me, you cling to me,
You beg what I can’t give.
You shade, you fade, oh spectre rude,
I can’t help you to live.

You shriek, beseech, and weep at me,
You swear you were so wrong.
You never loved, could never love,
To someone else belong.

But I walked in, I saw the truth,
The two of you entwined.
Then something broke, my heart was broke,
And broken too my mind.

I don’t recall, I can’t recall,
What happened to this day.
But I suspect the worst because,
You’re hounding me this way.

Forgive me love, for love we shared,
When love was bright and new.
And I’ll forgive, forgive you love,
That peace may come to you.

Cheers, Winston

My Dad and I didn’t always see eye to eye.  But despite that, we never gave up on each other.  Keeping those lines of communication open gave us the chance to grow and change and grow together.

This poem is for my Father,

Thank You

So Father’s Day Rolls ’round again,
I want to thank my Dad.
I learned so much from him it’s true,
So much more good than bad.

When I was young I could not see,
Sometimes he did know best.
But now I know ’cause I’ve had time,
The things he taught to test.

He wasn’t right all of the time,
But no one is it’s true.
He did his best to raise us right,
Good people in his view.

My Father passed some time ago,
I miss him to this day.
I am so glad that through the years,
I found the words to say.

So thank you Dad for all you gave,
And all you taught to me.
You taught me how to how to find myself,
And who I want to be.

Cheers, Winston

So, I was drawing during my training again today (it’s that or doze off every five minutes).  The dwarf below is the result of all that learning :-D


Cheers, Winston

Thinking of Ray Bradbury and Clive Barker tonight.  Love the sinister carnival theme. 

The Carnival

Behold the great and secret show,
Dare you to enter in?
There’s love and beauty honor too,
Debauchery and sin.

There’s every kind of freak inside,
Just take a look my friend,
You’ll see we’re really all the same,
Mere mortals in the end.

We travel round from place to place,
We’ve travelled everywhere.
Though all agree the show is great, None want us anywhere.

So see the show then tell your friends,
Tell everyone you know.
But do it soon for Monday night,
It’s on the road we go.

The great and secret show’s in town,
A brief engagement run.
So grab your love and came on down,
If our show sounds like fun.

Cheers, Winston

For those who thought I might be done with poetry…. that will probably never be the case.  Tonights verse is courtesy of the wilderness  is my backyard.  It got to the point my dog didn’t have room to go out to go pee.  So Lynn and I got busy and reclaimed part of it for him.  just not sure when we’ll get to the rest of it.

Nature’s Kingdom

My yard is overgrown and the weeds are quite extreme,
And if I don’t do something soon I’ll hear the neighbors scream.

I have a honeysuckle vine that once fit in a pot ,
But now it’s twenty feet or more to give or take a jot.

The locals think the look of it is really quite a fright,
But birds and all the critters seem quite thrilled to see this sight.

So do I cut it to the ground avoid my neighbors wrath,
Or leave it to the birds and bees let nature take her path?

Cheers, Winston


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