NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-Two

For those who hadn’t heard, today is Earth Day.  This is the one day each year when we’re supposed to put away our rampant consumerism and give a crap about the planet we live on.  Seems to me that it might need more than one day a year.  Maybe that’s just me.

Thoughts On The Occaission Of Earth Day.

Earth Day today but what’s that mean?
Can one day save the world?
Now really can this day we claim,
Undo the the filth we’ve hurled?

We say we want to change the world,
But that impulse will pass.
We celebrate the earth today,
Tomorrow frack some gas.

We bemoan the latest oil spill,
As we fill up our cars.
Then drive away beneath the smog,
Say how we miss the stars.

We build our subdivisions on,
The best farmland around.
And then complain that fresh produce,
Costs so much by the pound.

Our kids and grandkids pay the price,
For what we do today.
If we don’t change the way we live,
A price too high to pay.

I am no better than the rest,
As I stand here and preach.
We all must change myself as well,
That is the truth I’d teach.

If you would change the world, first change yourself.

Cheers, Winston

NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-One

I have a hard time letting go of things.  To those who know me, feel free to not comment. At any rate, I have decided it’s time to take steps with another of my bad habits. 


Less Toys…. More Joys

Somewhere out there away from here,
Is where we want to be.
To leave our troubles far behind,
We want to be set free.

Away from work and daily chores,
Away from all life’s ills,
To live with only what we need,
No massive monthly bills,

If only we could let it go,
How simple then our life.
It’s time for me to simplify,
To focus in my wife.

At last now after all these years,
I see that more is less.
Reducing clutter now should help,
Us to reduce our stress.

Cheers, Winston

NaPoWriMo Day Twenty

Went to visit my wife’s family for Easter. We had a great time, but it did put me a bit behind poetry-wise.  So tonight is a ghost story that has been fermenting in the back of my brain for a while.


Alone No More?

The hour is late the lights are dim,
I walk alone and wait.
Each room is dark no one awake,
I hate this anxious state.

Excitement, fear and hope all vie,
Within my breast of mist.
Perhaps tonight will be the night,
So long since I’ve been kissed.

So many years since I had died,
So many years alone.
Have watched the loves and lives lived here,
Had no love of my own.

But now at last she senses me,
She feels I am near.
Yet unlike those who’ve gone before,
I sense in her no fear .

At last I draw near to her room,
She writes, she cannot sleep,
She feels a chill and shivers as,
Into her room I creep.

It tears my heart to see her thus,
With one foot on each side.
She wants to die but wants to live,
Which way will she decide?

I do not want to see her die,
To throw her life away.
Yet if she dies she’s here with me,
Together from from this day.

And so I sit and wait and watch,
As I watch every night.
I hope she’ll win where I did not,
I pray her choice is right.

Cheers, Winston

NaPoWriMo Day Nineteen

I realize that I am part of that group of people referred to as “the chattering classes”.  I sit and write about all the things I see, but I don’t actually do anything to change them.  This is about me and all the others like me.

Enough To Make You….

I sat and read the news today
The world scrolling by.
Mans’ inhumanity to man,
Enough to make you cry.

The murders are quite bad enough,
The wars more horror still.
The famines, rapes, and plundering,
Enough to make you ill.

Anti-gay bills and rights denied,
More vile than they seem.
Enforced values on someone else,
Enough to make you scream.

What do I do about these crimes?
Like you they make me sad.
But just like most I do nothing,
Enough to make you mad.

So if you look around the world,
And find compassion lacked.
I hope the outrage that you feel’s,
Enough to make you act.

If you don’t like the news….. Change The World, Not The Channel!

Cheers, Winston

NaPoWriMo Day Eighteen

I had a customer unload on me at work the other day.  They then justified it by telling me all the things currently going wrong in their life.  This is the answer I’m not really supposed to give at work.

Being Emotionally Appropriate

You may not always choose your place,
You can’t choose your destiny.
Just be aware that where you are,
Is just where you’re meant to be,

If everything in life were good,
Then there’d be no way to tell.
Sometimes to know what heaven is,
You must first endure hell.

I’ve had my share of ups and downs,
Still here my heart rejoices,
Some of these things I could not change,
For all I’ve made my choices,

Can’t always choose what I go through,
Just choose how I’ll handle it,
That choice decides it life is gold,
0r some really dreadful shit.

So next time life is going hard,
Please remember this advice.
The other person’s human too,
Good karma if you’re nice.

Cheers, Winston

NaPoWriMo Day Seventeen

I started a totally different poem earlier.  Unfortunately, as I was writing it I realized I had no idea where the heck it was going.  So I did some creative triage and moved on.  Here is poem seventeen v2.0.


Inspirationally Challenged

My fevered brain has last it’s words,
I’ve naught to say tonight.
And even though I’ve lost my mind,
I still am going to write.

It seems as if it’s going to be,
Much harder to complete.
These thirty verse in thirty days,
A tough target to meet.

But I keep writing though my mind
Is empty as can be.
I must go on because that is,
My commitment to me.

You see these poems aren’t for you,
They exercise my brain.
And that is why I carry on,
Despite the mental strain.

Perhaps tomorrow I will be,
More able them today.
And figure out just what it is,
That I might want to say.

Cheers, Winston

NaPoWriMo Day Sixteen

Letting my mind write whatever it wants can lead to some unexpected outcomes.  It started out as a simple bit of horror.  Suddenly it’s about my father.


A Child In The Dark

The moon peeps through the lowering cloud,
Makes shadows on the wall.
I tell myself that’s what I see,
Convince myself that’s all.

But then the moon is gone again,
But still the shape is there.
So I look for another way,
To chase away the scare.

I want to hide beneath my sheets,
Can’t tear my gaze away.
Just barely I can see it move,
It’s in my mind I say.

The darker shape within the dark,
A blacker shade of black.
Too dark to see and yet I see,
The spikes along it’s back.

Such things as this cannot exist,
They simply cannot be.
And yet the claws that tug my sheets,
Slay rationality.

I do the only thing I can,
I scream with all my might.
And hear my fathers footsteps come,
Know he’ll turn on the light.

Dark scrapes it’s claws along my leg,
The pain it makes me cry.
Then suddenly the light is on,
My fathers question “Why?”

I try to tell between the sobs,
Of darkness that was there,
“Don’t worry son it’s just a dream,
You’re safe no monster’s there.”

I wish that I could be as sure,
As father seems to be.
I guess for now he’s sure enough,
I’ll trust and wait and see.

Cheers, Winston


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