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I mean really… What the heck am I thinking. I made it through April by the skin of my teeth, yet here I am writing another verse. Sometimes I really wonder about me.


Our Own Worst Enemy

Technology is not the foe,

it’s not your enemy.

That AI that you dread so much,

is far less threat than me.


The science that grows beef in labs,

and soy that bugs won’t eat.

Is building apps to help the blind,

and other needs to meet.


It’s not the tech that ends us all,

but what we do with it.

It’s our own inhumanity,

will make our future shit.


A hammer’s just a hammer and,

can’t care what it’s used for.

The person using it decides,

to build or start a war.


All tech comes down to this same choice,

that shapes our future days.

To kill or cure, to build or burn,

I pray we change our ways.


Cheers, Winston


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Yay! Day 27 complete. Only three more to go before bed. Or maybe tomorrow. We’ll see how if there’s anything left in the old “creative juice” bottle.


Lost Youth

When we were young we did not think,

beyond the present day,

We lived our lives just for right now,

we knew no other way.


When we were young we had no plan,

we did just as we dared.

But now even the simplest task,

is planned for and prepared.


“What if?” is now our daily prayer,

our minds whirl round and round.

We’re robbed of fun and robbed of joy,

only our fears abound.


So take some time and think back to,

that younger, simpler you.

Think back on all the fun you had,

before stress made you blue.


Remember life before “What if?”,

when plans were for old folk.

Before your life got in your way,

like some bad cosmic joke.


So don’t make plans quite every day,

just let your heart decide.

And give your weary brain a rest,

let freedom back inside.


Cheers, Winston

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So… here we are… caught up again for the moment.  I just have to figure out what to catch up with.


Creating Ghosts

We all carry our ghosts with us,

bits of our past that cling.

Of choices that we now regret,

that baggage that we bring.

The ones we hurt, the ones we lost,

the ones we pushed away.

Now every one is still with us,

within our minds they stay.

We think we’re free of all that’s past,

in that there is no truth.

We’re haunted by the things we’ve done,

the errors of our youth.

As we look back, more often now,

the view begins to change.

It fills with faces of the lost,

some known and some strange.

Then we begin to understand,

the difference that we make.

Face some regrets accept some blame,

wish life’s tests to retake.

But that is not the way this works,

what’s done is done and done.

We can just try to learn from them,

be kind to everyone.

And if we change, if change we can,

with kindness set our path.

Perhaps the demons of our past,

will set aside their wrath.


Cheers, Winston



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Often we get so caught up in what we think we should be doing, or how we think the world should be, that we miss out on what is right in front of us.


The Prison of the Self

some walls a roof a floor and such,

do not a prison make

sometimes it’s in the mind alone

we dream we are awake.

and in the dream we know we dream

but still cannot break free

our minds refuse to let us go

until each scene we see.

we lock ourselves away inside

with people all around

but we have only what’s in us

our screams the only sound.

some walls a roof and floors and such

all there within our mind

we trap ourselves inside our heads

and every fear we find.

it’s different for everyone

no two are quite the same

become but ghosts that haunt our lives

can scarce recall our name.

So take yourself outside your head,

a wider world behold.

And live right now, not in regrets,

it’s your life go be bold!


Cheers, Winston


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Another personal piece today.


Why I Write

I love my life I really do,

though it is hard sometimes.

But part of how I deal with it,

is through these simple rhymes.

The good, the bad, the in between,

these poems see it all.

They help release the words that I,

keep trapped behind my wall.

We all have things we do not speak,

or cannot say aloud.

For fear that we will find ourselves,

outcast, judged by the crowd.

But rhyme those thoughts and suddenly,

more people will accept.

The words that I had locked away,

where lonely dreams were kept.

These poems are the safest way,

for my thoughts to be free.

They’re just some rhymes the masses say,

and no one’s judging me.


Cheers, Winston


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Well, today it’s back to the introspection thing.  Lynn found yesterday’s effort a tad unsettling.



(or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Tolerate The Crowd)

Once upon a time there was,

a boy who never learned.

To be a boy like others were,

so all friendships he spurned.

He swore he needed no one but,

he knew it was a lie.

So all alone he lived his life,

no one to hear him cry.

There came a day, a turning point,

he knew it had to end.

The loneliness would claim his life,

his ways he had to mend.

So day by day and week by week,

he studied and he tried.

To learn to human like the rest,

and no more have to hide.

There’s things to learn by reading books,

and things you have to do.

And peopling is one of those,

that books can’t quite teach you.

He learned to talk to other folks,

he found they weren’t so bad.

In fact they all had fears like him,

but also joys they had.

He learned to face some of his fears,

and learned to find some joys.

And came to understand in life,

sometimes the world annoys.

He also found to his surprise,

he likes this life he’s made.

And best of all when peopling,

he’s finally unafraid.


Cheers, Winston



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My wonderful wife Lynn has been listening to my poems this month and mentioned that I seem to be on a self-awareness kick. Apparently, she’s right (as she usually is).

What Price the Dream?


“Livin’ the dream.” you hear them say,

but at what price that dream?

The fancy house, the shiny car,

are they all that they seem?


We work and work to have nice things,

but things can’t hold your hand.

When all is said and all is done,

perhaps we’ll understand.


This time we have is all we have,

we spend it every day.

But in the end when it is gone,

there’s nothing we won’t pay.


But it’s too late when time is gone,

you cannot buy some more.

So all the things you spent it on,

are what your life was for.


Are you your house, your car, your toys?

Or hero to your kid.

When you look back what will you see?

Be proud of what you did?


So just make sure you spend it well,

on what you love the best.

And when it’s gone and you look back,

your choice will stand the test.


Cheers, Winston


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