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I think I mentioned last time that things get a little strange once the creativity starts flowing. Well, hopefully I can finish on a slightly more normal note.


A Note To My Therapist

A dream perhaps and yet more real,

than I have known before.

How can I know the truth of it,

what’s dream and what is more.


In dreams I often tell myself,

“You’re dreaming never fear.”

But what if I am wrong and this,

is false, the dream is here.


What if rules and common sense,

are only in my head.

And all the chaos I call dreams,

is really real instead.


There’s no answer that I can find,

no way to truly know.

So I’ll just choose the one I like,

and that’s where I will go.


So if you come and I have gone,

it’s true I’ve only woke.

It’s you who’s trapped within a dream,

the punchline to my joke.


Cheers, Winston


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Sometimes when I wrench open the creative valve, the weirdest things get washed out.


On Ghosthunters

A figure faintly seen at night,

there in the empty place.

If you could gain a closer view,

would you gaze on it’s face?


It walks there every night alone,

even when it’s not seen.

Would you it’s solitude invade,

are you in truth that keen?


Perhaps its solitude it craves,

just wants its well earned peace.

Not closure for its life on earth,

not waiting on release.


Perhaps that place it haunts is home,

where hangs its phantom hat.

And you are mere trespassers there,

Have you considered that?


So take your tools and pack  your bags,

go back where you came from.

This haunt is ours and here it stays,

it’s you who’s not welcome.


Cheers, Winston

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So something a little different tonight. When I was younger, I used to suffer the most terrifying nightmares. Fortunately, less so now, but I still remember trying to stay awake to avoid them.


The Demons in my Mind

Strange nightmares fall into my head,

and banish hope of sleep.

Phantasms stark in lurid hues,

in every shadow creep.

The ticking of my mantle clock,

so loud it hurts my ears.

Is still not loud enough to hide,

the sound of silent tears.

The night so long, what hour is this,

how long ’til morning light?

It’s barely past the witching hour,

still hours of this fright.

I light a lamp and say a prayer,

pray that these dreams will end,

I pray for sleep to bring me rest,

my spirit’s wounds to mend.

But I still dread to close my eyes,

still dread all that sleep brings.

The tread of scaly, taloned feet,

or hiss of leath’ry wings.

The demons conjured by my mind,

for every wrong I’ve done.

Are waiting just behind my eyes,

to avenge every one.

But I can lie awake in fear,

for only just so long.

And now must close my eyes and pay,

the price for one more wrong.


Cheers, Winston

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The Princess & The Dragon

There was a princess long ago,
As pretty as could be.
She was charming and so polite,
All craved her company.

She lived within a forest in,
A manor on a hill.
And tended injured creatures there,
With herbs and gentle skill.

One day a stranger came to see,
This princess of renown,
He begged her to return with him,
To aid those in his town.

Her people urged her not to go,
They feared their heart they’d lose.
The strangers words had moved her so,
Now she could not refuse,

They sent a mighty escort with,
But they returned alone.
Not one recalled abandoning,
Their princess on her own.

The stranger was a mighty mage,
Who snared them in a spell,
It harmed then not made them forget,
The roads they took as well.

The mage and princess travelled on,
Far from the lands she knew.
And he assured her as they went,
“I did not lie to you.

There is a creature in my land,
Has lost its mind to pain.
I beg you help and heal it so,
It is itself again.”

At last they stand before a mount,
Crown wreathed in gouts of flame.
“A dragon lives atop the mount,
And Garkath is his name.

A band of heroes came to take,
His treasure from his cave.
They wounded him quite badly ere,
He laid them in their grave.

This dragon was a gentle beast,
Who kept our foes at bay.
The hoard on which he slept he earned,
Each gem and coin his pay.

But now his wounds have left him crazed,
He knows not friend from foe.
All those who offered aid he slew,
Now none will dare to go.

That’s why I came to you Princess,
To beg your healing art.
And now you know my cause is just,
Please answer from your heart.

These blasted lands once green with life,
The only home we know.
The few of us that now remain,
Have nowhere else to go.

Please save our friend if save you can,
Our lives are in your hands.
Please heal his soul, restore his heart,
Bring peace back to our lands.

The Princess weighed this thing he asked,
Heard Garkath’s distant scream.
Her heart was moved by kindness then,
His soul she would redeem.

She took her bag of medecines,
Left all else with the mage.
Then set her feet upon the path,
To face a dragons rage.

Now as she climbs the slopes are bare.
Thick ash upon the ground.
The roaring of the suff’ring beast,
Is soon the only sound.

Although she cannot hear herself,
Still as she climbs she sings.
Of gold and gems and serpents old,
With mighty, leathery wings.

She climbs and sings, then sleeps, then climbs,
Then climbs and sings again.
And all the while, the dragon screams,
She weeps to hear it’s pain.

Now suddenly the screaming stops,
Of her he is aware.
Her song has eased his dreadful pain,
And now he sees her there.

“Who dares set foot in my domain?”
He roars into the night.
With embers drifting from his jaws,
He makes a fearsome sight.

But the Princess she does not see,
A dragon filled with hate,
She only sees his dreadful wounds,
Prays she’s not come too late.

She starts to sing of healing herbs,
He stares in disbelief.
It’s clear this one is more than just,
Another common thief.

And as she sings she mixes herbs,
And as she mixes weeps.
Soft tears fall in that medicine,
Work magic as it steeps.

Garkath has come much closer now,
Her song has brought him near.
The scent of what she mixes soothes.
And helps to ease his fear.

“What magic have you wrought in me,
That stays my righteous wrath?”
“The tears that I have shed for you,
While climbing up this path.”

“I know the wrongs, the awful hurts,
You’ve suffered at their hands.
But they were few and scores have died,
Across these once fair lands.”

Now Garkath casts his senses out,
And sees the waste he’s made.
The ruin of a kingdom there,
His excesses displayed.

He feels ashamed for all he’s done,
To those he once called friends.
The Princess and the Dragon plot,
How he can make amends.

Now finally their talks are done,
The plans are firmly laid.
And as his thoughts turn from the dark,
His wounds begin to fade.

Back down the path they come at last,
To tell the mage their plan.
Garkath s great hoard will pay to build,
Anew the realms of man.

“I can’t return the lives I’ve cost,
Would give mine if I could.
But gladly give all that I have,
If it will do some good.”

The Mage now cheers and weeps with joy,
To have his friend restored.
He hugs the princess asks her what,
She’d ask as her reward.

“There are no dragons in my land,
Garkath will bear me home.
To teach my people of his kind,
And then be free to roam.”

The people of the Princess’ realm,
Rejoiced to have her back.
And more so once they realized
Garkath would not attack.

The moral of this story is.
The message of the dove.
No problem is too large to solve,
If you start out with love.

Cheers, Winston

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So the poetic adventure continues. With no idea what to write, this extra thirty-one poem idea seemed a bit like hubris. Then once I started writing….. it just wouldn’t stop. I hope you enjoy this little….

Trip To Fairyland

I dreamed I lay upon a beach,
‘Neath sun I’d never seen.
Where all my life a yellow ball,
Now stood a disc of green.

No dolphins frolicked in the waves,
But still something moved there.
‘Twas half a woman half a fish,
With long ringletted hair.

And then a man who’s half a horse,
Came charging ‘long the shore.
He fired arrows’ til she fled,
Cared not how much I swore.

He said it was for my own good,
She’d set a trap for me.
So if I’d not be drowned or et,
It’s best if I should flee.

He nocked an arrow to his bow,
And aimed it at my head.
Said had I not the wits to flee,
‘Twas better were I dead.

I felt he might be slightly mad,
So turned and ran away.
I heard him shouting as I ran,
No clue what he would say.

So on I ran beyond the dunes,
And stopped dead in a daze.
A field of every brilliant bloom,
Spread out before my gaze.

A tiny sprite her wings a blur,
Hangs there before my face.
Go back she says you must go back,
You can’t be in this place.

The beauty here will poison you,
More deadly than you think.
Remember this that as you go,
You must not eat or drink.

Go seek the maiden of the sea,
Beg her to guide you home.
To help you cross the sea of dreams,
Or here forever roam.

On saying this she sped away,
And vanished from my view.
I turned away to seek the sea,
My feet now wet with dew.

A forest stands before me now,
Sweet fruit on every bough.
Forbidden fruit the sweeter still,
I must resist somehow.

The thirst now gnaws it drains my will,
I hear a stream nearby.
Above the gurgle of the rill,
I here a seagull cry.

If I can hold out to the beach,
My home I’ll once more see.
But thirst and hunger haunt my thoughts,
More than my family.

I know that if I eat or drink,
I’m here forever more.
But even if I make it back,
What do I have in store?

A job I hate a life alone,
The same things every day.
The truth is I could love this place,
That’s what the voices say.

And suddenly the spells they weave,
Fall then to dust and fade.
I let the fruit fall from my hand,
So near my mind betrayed.

I stumble on and there is  sand,
At last beneath my feet.
And then I start to understand,
This place can not be beat.

I spy the maid close by the shore,
Her fish tail waves to me.
Her sunlit hair of gold so bright,
That I can barely see.

I beg her then to guide me back,
Her laugh is genuine.
A hundred years have passed since I,
First tasted fairy wine.

She still recalls when first I came,
Across the sea of dreams.
Ignored her warning drank the wine,
More potent than it seems.

She offers me a goblet then,
Bids me drink and forget.
Give it another hundred years,
You cannot leave here yet.

Cheers, Winston

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