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We see a shape but dimly there

Not certain what we see.

Project on it our hopes and fears,

No clue what it will be.


A thing of beauty it may be,

Yet certain we are not.

It may be brutal or bizarre,

May prove ice cold or hot.


The problem is we cannot know

Until we reach that time.

If it will be a paradise,

Or childbirth a crime.


What we must now remember most,

It will be what we make.

Our children and their children shall,

Pay then, what we now take.


So live your life with one eye now,

With one the future seek.

And leave to them a dream we built,

Not nightmare dark and bleak.


Cheers, Winston



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I mean really… What the heck am I thinking. I made it through April by the skin of my teeth, yet here I am writing another verse. Sometimes I really wonder about me.


Our Own Worst Enemy

Technology is not the foe,

it’s not your enemy.

That AI that you dread so much,

is far less threat than me.


The science that grows beef in labs,

and soy that bugs won’t eat.

Is building apps to help the blind,

and other needs to meet.


It’s not the tech that ends us all,

but what we do with it.

It’s our own inhumanity,

will make our future shit.


A hammer’s just a hammer and,

can’t care what it’s used for.

The person using it decides,

to build or start a war.


All tech comes down to this same choice,

that shapes our future days.

To kill or cure, to build or burn,

I pray we change our ways.


Cheers, Winston

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Currently, I’m well over halfway through this round of NaPoWriMo. Predictably, my mental batteries are starting to run a bit low. But hey… I’m still in there swinging.



There are rumours about a war,

that may come to us soon.

It’s times like these I wish I lived,

on Mars or on the Moon.

One idiot decides to try,

to show strong they are.

Another fool just has to prove,

that they will go as far.

The troops are set, the planes in flight,

and all the ships at sea.

They’re dreaming dreams of glory but,

more death is all there’ll be.

While millions starve and millions more,

have watched their children die.

These “leaders” talk on our TVs,

and all they do is lie.

“Our enemies, they must be stopped,

for they are evil men.”

But we have heard this all before,

will hear it all again.

I pray that it will pass once more,

that tensions will decline.

But never have there been such fools,

our future to define.

So pray for all if praying’s what,

you think will save the day.

And maybe when folks vote again,

they’ll send these fools away.


Cheers, Winston

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The Immigrants Lament

Don’t stop, don’t stay, just move along,
There’s no place for you here.
Though we all came from somewhere else,
You’re different so we fear.

Your ways are not like how we live,
We will not change for you.
Though we changed those were here before,
When we got here it’s true.

So we will tell you how to live,
Don’t think that you are free.
To build the lives you want to build,
That’s not how this will be.

So stay at home do not come here,
Unless you’re just like us.
Don’t talk of rights for they’re all ours,
No use to cause a fuss.

The choice is yours to stay or come,
But know before you start.
There’s some folks here so bigoted,
It’s like to break your heart.

So if you come then come with strength,
Enough to withstand hate.
And build your life and live your dream,
And make your future great.

Cheers, Winston

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I have to take a moment out from my month of poetry to draw attention to this. Over 200 girls were abducted from their school at gunpoint in Nigeria.  While no one has claimed responsibility the well known terrorist group Boko Haram is believed to be behind the kidnapping.  Read the full story here.

As horrible as this is, it get’s worse. No one is trying to find these girls. Not the Nigerian government, not the UN, not even the Americans. They normally jump at the chance to generate some good P.R. on the international stage, but not this time.

Why isn’t the world beating a path to Nigeria to find these girls?  Well, it’s because it’s in Africa.  These sorts of things happen there and there’s nothing you can do about it.  Also, the girls are…. well, they’re black.  It’s terrible to say, but it’s true.  If a couple of hundred white girls were abducted by terrorists, the whole western military apparatus would already be mobilizing.

But it’s Africa… and the girls aren’t white.  Besides, we’re all tied up with this territorial dispute with Russia.  Besides, we can’t get drawn into another foreign war.  Besides…. they’re not our daughters.

I’m not advocating an Iraq or Afghanistan type invasion.  I’m talking about a dedicated strike force tasked solely with finding and executing the kidnappers and any available affiliates, repatriating the girls to their families and then going home.

I want to send a very clear message that there are some lines that cannot be crossed anymore.

But it’s Africa…. and the girls are black.

If the girls were Ukrainian and it looked like Russia was behind it, the tanks would already be rolling.  Because that’s the drum we’re beating right now…. and the girls would be white.

Despondently Yrs, Winston

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I realize that I am part of that group of people referred to as “the chattering classes”.  I sit and write about all the things I see, but I don’t actually do anything to change them.  This is about me and all the others like me.

Enough To Make You….

I sat and read the news today
The world scrolling by.
Mans’ inhumanity to man,
Enough to make you cry.

The murders are quite bad enough,
The wars more horror still.
The famines, rapes, and plundering,
Enough to make you ill.

Anti-gay bills and rights denied,
More vile than they seem.
Enforced values on someone else,
Enough to make you scream.

What do I do about these crimes?
Like you they make me sad.
But just like most I do nothing,
Enough to make you mad.

So if you look around the world,
And find compassion lacked.
I hope the outrage that you feel’s,
Enough to make you act.

If you don’t like the news….. Change The World, Not The Channel!

Cheers, Winston

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U. S. President Barak Obama has announced an end to the “War on Terror” begun by his predecessor, then President George W. Bush.

I have commented elsewhere on this blog about the futility, indeed idiocy, of a war on a concept. Finally, there is someone in the Whitehouse with enough brains to realize it. Well done Mr. Obama.

Of course the perennial hawks are busy decrying this decision. According to them, the President is capitulating and throwing in the towel. This is definitely not the case. the President was very clear regarding his intent to continue his policy of straight up blowing the crap out of anyone he sees as a threat to the U.S..

He isn’t giving up, he’s just focusing on the issue at hand.  From a huge, amorphous, concept, he is being very specific as to who he wants to blow up. Well, sort of specific.  But much more specific than the previous administrations plan to blow up terror itself.

President Obama is also moving closer to his long standing goal of closing Gitmo.  In a fit of clear– headedness, Mr. Obama realized that illegally detaining foreign nationals could be hurting American credibility on the world stage.  People tend to ignore your human rights complaints when you run an illegal, off-shore detention center.  So now he’s pushing for trials or repatriation where possible.  It’s not going to undo all the damage that’s been done, but at least its a start.

So the war isn’t actually over.  Its just been rebranded, refocused, and given a more achievable mandate.  These are all things I’ve been wanting since W. first announced his ill-conceived war on terror. Of course the people who hate Obama are going to accuse him of trying to appease the terrorists.  The simple fact is that “Drones “R” U.S.” has probably killed more actual terrorists than both of George (The Great Invader)s wars combined.

Now it’s time to gear up for the new and improved War on Terrorists because the war on terror has ended.

Cheers, Winston

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