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It’s strange how fast time goes sometimes. It seems like it was only this morning that I was writing the poem for Day 26. Funny how that works eh? Ah well, if I can get past this last blank page, I’ll have made my deadline. Let’s see what’s left in the bottle… shall we?


Lynn My Love

My love again you are the one,

I turn to in my need.

The inspiration for my life,

you are my muse indeed.


When I can’t think of what to write,

need only think of you.

And sure enough the blocks dissolve,

to let the words flow through,


I love you Lynn you are my life,

make all I do worthwhile.

The greatest gifts that I’ll receive,

are your love and your smile.


So thank you once again my love,

for all the joy you bring.

You are the Sun and Moon to me,

you are my everything.


Cheers, Winston


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Standing on a balcony at work today and watching the geese flying over the river. One of the surest signs that spring is here.


It’s spring again the geese return,

and robins in the tree.

And like the sap the season brings,

life slowly back to me.


I bask in vernal warmth and soak,

up sunlight every day.

Enjoy the breeze upon my face,

outdoors I wish to stay.


I see the birds and bugs return,

I celebrate each one.

For every sign that spring is here,

is one more winter’s done.


And so I smile and share my joy,

with everyone I see.

Because for me the springtime’s best,

I’m sure you all agree.


Cheers, Winston

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Just a quick ode to my dog.  He is an amazing pup who fills my life with joy.


Ducky Dog

My pup is such an awesome boy,

he’s loving and so sweet.

And he is handsome as can be,

from ears down to his feet.


His face can say a thousand things,

that words can never say.

He’s cleverer than many dogs,

in his own Ducky way.


We are so lucky he is ours,

perhaps we’re his it’s true.

The truth is somewhere in between,

to give my pup his due.


So thank you Duck for who you are,

you are the very best.

For us, no other pup would do,

though we’ll still pet the rest.


Cheers, Winston



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Another personal piece today.


Why I Write

I love my life I really do,

though it is hard sometimes.

But part of how I deal with it,

is through these simple rhymes.

The good, the bad, the in between,

these poems see it all.

They help release the words that I,

keep trapped behind my wall.

We all have things we do not speak,

or cannot say aloud.

For fear that we will find ourselves,

outcast, judged by the crowd.

But rhyme those thoughts and suddenly,

more people will accept.

The words that I had locked away,

where lonely dreams were kept.

These poems are the safest way,

for my thoughts to be free.

They’re just some rhymes the masses say,

and no one’s judging me.


Cheers, Winston


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I know this should have posted this last night. Things happen and don’t always work out the way you would like, but here it is now. I’ll post Day 13 tonight ­čÖé


My Blessed Life

I’m blessed. That is the only way,

I can explain my life.

From having nought, to having all,

all thanks to you my wife.

We may not have the biggest house,

or drive the biggest car.

But my love has the biggest heart,

and that’s worth more by far.

Sometimes we disagree a bit,

sometimes it is a lot.

But always work it out because,

we prize this life we’ve got.

Together’s how we spend our time,

as much as we can be.

When we’re apart the time drags by,

life’s far less fun just me.

So thank you love for this great gift,

life’s richer now by far.

As I walk through this life with you,

my constant shining star.


Cheers, Winston


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I write these verses because Lynn enjoys them so much. I’m certain I could find something less brain abusing to do with my time, but whatever it might be wouldn’t bring her so much pleasure. That makes it all worthwhile. ┬áI do this all because her


Because of You

“You took my breath away.” they say,

but that’s┬ánot it at all.

I breathe and live because of you,

you catch me when I fall.

For so long I was so much less,

not all that I could be.

But through your love I found a way,

to see me as you see.

You see a better side of me,

believe I can be that.

So I believe and try to be,

who you are looking at.

The love I see there in your eyes,

is all I’ll ever need.

That faith you have, your faith in me,

I try to live that creed.

So thank you love for loving me,

this flawed and fragile man.

I’ve learned from you, hold up my head,

and be all that I can.


Cheers, Winston




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Well, today it’s back to the introspection thing. ┬áLynn found yesterday’s effort a tad unsettling.



(or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Tolerate The Crowd)

Once upon a time there was,

a boy who never learned.

To be a boy like others were,

so all friendships he spurned.

He swore he needed no one but,

he knew it was a lie.

So all alone he lived his life,

no one to hear him cry.

There came a day, a turning point,

he knew it had to end.

The loneliness would claim his life,

his ways he had to mend.

So day by day and week by week,

he studied and he tried.

To learn to human like the rest,

and no more have to hide.

There’s things to learn by reading books,

and things you have to do.

And peopling is one of those,

that books can’t quite teach you.

He learned to talk to other folks,

he found they weren’t so bad.

In fact they all had fears like him,

but also joys they had.

He learned to face some of his fears,

and learned to find some joys.

And came to understand in life,

sometimes the world annoys.

He also found to his surprise,

he likes this life he’s made.

And best of all when peopling,

he’s finally unafraid.


Cheers, Winston



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