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So I’m more than a little behind again. But I’m still in there trying. This is the first of five that I have to post to make the target by month’s end.

Write Until I Die

I am behind again I fear,

this verse is some days late.

I offer no excuse to you,

’tis naught but simple fate.


My intent is naught but the best,

but that is not enough.

The gap ‘twixt wish and will is wide,

and leaping it is tough.


But I go on and try once more,

that is the vow I’ve made.

I by this verse renew that pledge,

for poems I have made.


Though it is hard there is time still,

to honour what I’ve said.

For there’s still breath and life and I,

shall write until I’m dead.


Cheers, Winston


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Often we get so caught up in what we think we should be doing, or how we think the world should be, that we miss out on what is right in front of us.


The Prison of the Self

some walls a roof a floor and such,

do not a prison make

sometimes it’s in the mind alone

we dream we are awake.

and in the dream we know we dream

but still cannot break free

our minds refuse to let us go

until each scene we see.

we lock ourselves away inside

with people all around

but we have only what’s in us

our screams the only sound.

some walls a roof and floors and such

all there within our mind

we trap ourselves inside our heads

and every fear we find.

it’s different for everyone

no two are quite the same

become but ghosts that haunt our lives

can scarce recall our name.

So take yourself outside your head,

a wider world behold.

And live right now, not in regrets,

it’s your life go be bold!


Cheers, Winston

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So I believe and know this truth,
I am the same as you.
Not in the way I speak or look
Nor in the things I do.

It’s what we are that is the same,
This we should keep in mind.
And understand the falseness of,
Divisions that you find.

What matter gender, race or creed,
We dream our dreams as one.
To love and laugh and live our lives,
Content when we are done.

So next time someone does you wrong,
Think on your own mistakes.
Remember  They are You and I,
Be kind for all our sakes.

Cheers, Winston


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Don’t Mind My Mind

Oh what a wonder is the mind,
Its so full of fears and dreams.
It’s wider , higher, deeper and,
So much larger than it seems,

It’s every God that ever was,
And the Goddesses as well.
It’s every heaven ever dreamed,
And it gave us every hell.

The mind is what DaVinci used,
It let Rembrandt do his thing.
And minds wrote every single song,
That the greatest voices sing.

All the beauty and the horror,
All the things you love or ban.
Do not come from Gods or Devils,
Only from the minds of man,

So keep all your religions,
For from this I’m truly free.
Not controlled by your illusions,
What I am is up to me.

Cheers, Winston


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Dream Big, Work Hard

A dream is born a fragile thing,
To nurture and to grow.
A vision of what things might be,
It’s possible you know.

Hard work and drive and lots of faith,
A willingness to learn.
Stay true, hold fast, to your true wish,
To that for which you yearn.

There’s those will say, it cannot be,
You cannot do this thing.
You’re bound to lose, cannot succeed,
No matter what you bring.

I cannot promise you success,
That fact I can’t deny.
But guarantee your failure,
If you don’t even try.

Cheers, Winston


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I asked my muse what to write about today, and she suggested the idea of….

Paying It Forward

An act of kindness once it’s done,
Can echo far and wide.
But that is not it’s true reward,
For that is felt inside.

Some do some grand, impressive act,
In hope of gaining fame.
But in the end it’s just an act,
Their kindness is a game.

They think to score some points somehow,
They just don’t understand.
When kindness is it’s own reward,
No benefit is planned.

Some cannot see and will not hear,
The truth within their hearts.
The greater good is greater still,
When honest giving starts.

So lend a hand or give some time,
To help someone today.
And when they ask you who you are,
“Just pass it on.” you say.

Cheers, Winston


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For those who hadn’t heard, today is Earth Day.  This is the one day each year when we’re supposed to put away our rampant consumerism and give a crap about the planet we live on.  Seems to me that it might need more than one day a year.  Maybe that’s just me.

Thoughts On The Occaission Of Earth Day.

Earth Day today but what’s that mean?
Can one day save the world?
Now really can this day we claim,
Undo the the filth we’ve hurled?

We say we want to change the world,
But that impulse will pass.
We celebrate the earth today,
Tomorrow frack some gas.

We bemoan the latest oil spill,
As we fill up our cars.
Then drive away beneath the smog,
Say how we miss the stars.

We build our subdivisions on,
The best farmland around.
And then complain that fresh produce,
Costs so much by the pound.

Our kids and grandkids pay the price,
For what we do today.
If we don’t change the way we live,
A price too high to pay.

I am no better than the rest,
As I stand here and preach.
We all must change myself as well,
That is the truth I’d teach.

If you would change the world, first change yourself.

Cheers, Winston


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