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I mean really… What the heck am I thinking. I made it through April by the skin of my teeth, yet here I am writing another verse. Sometimes I really wonder about me.


Our Own Worst Enemy

Technology is not the foe,

it’s not your enemy.

That AI that you dread so much,

is far less threat than me.


The science that grows beef in labs,

and soy that bugs won’t eat.

Is building apps to help the blind,

and other needs to meet.


It’s not the tech that ends us all,

but what we do with it.

It’s our own inhumanity,

will make our future shit.


A hammer’s just a hammer and,

can’t care what it’s used for.

The person using it decides,

to build or start a war.


All tech comes down to this same choice,

that shapes our future days.

To kill or cure, to build or burn,

I pray we change our ways.


Cheers, Winston


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I’m a big science fan and am fascinated by the drive to Mars and beyond. Excited to see what wonders I will see and dreaming of what lies beyond.


A Farewell To Earth

To travel far where none have gone,

and see what none have seen,

The sands of Mars, the asteroid belt,

to go where none have been.

To dream a future more secure,

than we have ever known.

Where all we are and ever were,

become like seeds wind blown.

And spread to other worlds so,

no single thing can end.

The human race on just one world,

no longer must depend.

But for this dream, this future us,

the present must invest.

Of people and in effort must,

give nothing but the best.

It won’t come cheap but even so,

this prize is worth the cost.

For if we stay just on the Earth,

one day all shall be lost.

Yes everything that makes us, us,

will pass and be forgot.

If we don’t start the process now,

to leave our small blue dot.

So build a colony on Mars,

one on Europa too.

And mine the asteroid belt as well,

there’s all we need it’s true.

Then when our sun grows cold and still,

on some far distant day.

Somewhere around some distant star,

someone will point and say.

“There is the star that gave us life,

the blue world of our birth.

Ten billion generations out,

Farewell to planet Earth.”


Cheers, Winston

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A Case For Mars

A rocketship out to the stars,
Starts with a shorter trip.
A trip to Mars to learn and build,
A bigger, better ship.

To get to Mars we’ve much to learn,
To get there and survive.
To build the things we need to live,
And more, succeed and thrive.

For Mars will never be our home,
It’s just a stepping stone.
And yet it is a crucial step,
To make the stars our own.

No cities there a million strong,
No lakes ‘neath open skies.
It’s fac’tries making spaceship parts,
From asteroid supplies.

The asteroid belt has all we need,
To build our next step ship.
And building there on smaller Mars,
Reduces grav’ty’s grip.

So when they question and they will,
Why fund this from the start?
You’ll say that Mars is not the dream,
Just a first, tiny part.

Cheers, Winston

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I watched a piece on TV tonight about genetic research and where some of it is headed.  Then I turned off the television to write todays poem.  After staring blank the screen of my phone for a while I asked Lynn (my personal muse) what to write about.  She thought about it for about a minute and said “Why not what we just watched?”

Gods Own Game

Very soon now we’ll have the tools,
To change our very genes.
But is this something we should do,
Regardless of the means.

If we can end genetic ills,
Some see a duty there.
But those same tools can also set,
A deadly future snare.

If we can build perfection then,
Who else would get to mate?
How fair would an election be,
‘Gainst custom candidate?

If you could save your child from,
A lifetime of disease,
Would you still say they must stop or,
Say sign me up now please?

So while our guts may say one thing,
And knee-jerk says the same,
Let’s not forget there are more sides,
When playing Gods own game.

Cheers, Winston

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While I was at Comiccon, I had the opportunity to meet one of the Canadian candidates for the private sector mission to Mars.  Talking him inspired this….

The Next Martians

A flaming pillar reaches up,
Another group has gone,
To meet the ship that they will take,
To push our species on.

They go to Mars will not come back,
There to live out their days.
That’s where their children will be born,
Or so the brochure says.

But there’s no guarantee of kids,
No guarantee of life.
But they had dreamed a better dream,
A world without strife.

They seek to build a world new,
A future home for man.
Success is never guaranteed,
At least they try to plan.

So wish them well those few brave souls,
Godspeed upon their trip.
We wish them well and wish them safe,
As through the void they zip.

Perhaps one day we’ll join them there,
More likely further on.
The second wave, the third and then,
A home beyond the dawn.

So look to them our future now,
Think now of what they give.
They leave the planet of their birth,
One day on Mars to live.

Cheers, Winston

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So I’ve been watching “Cosmos” with Neil Degrasse-Tyson and it inspired this poem.  Enjoy!


An ancient star was dying and
It’s fires burning low.
Then with one final mighty burst
It’s bulk the star did throw.

The star is dead, a tiny thing
A cider dark and small.
But all around, the stuff of it
Heeds physics siren call.

It joins with stuff from other stars
As through the dark it falls.
Until at last it forms a disc
Then planetary balls.

A piece of stuff from that dead star
Upon this barren sphere.
Mixed with some stuff from other stars
And that’s why life is here.

So now you see the truth my friend
You’re stardust just like me.
And being from some distant star
Is cool you must agree.

Cheers, Winston

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If you’ve ever gone online, you’ve most likely encountered what I like to think of as Internet Science. I’m not talking about real science that actually makes the internet possible. I’m talking about the weird and special things you can find masquerading as science online.

Among the most conspicuous, are the ads featuring “One weird old secret for a flat tummy” or “Plastic surgeons hate her… 58 year old woman looks 28… here’s her secret”… and of course the millions of ads promising to make any guys penis the envy of large horses everywhere.

This was all triggered by a friend of mine who may have had pink eye. They were trying to figure out how they contracted it and said… “You can only get it by kissing someone who has it or by someone farting on your pillow.” When I finally stopped laughing and caught my breath, I told them that’s not how you catch pink-eye. “But I saw it on this site online!” After more laughing I directed them to an actual reputable wibsite which listed how you really get pink eye. (Bacterial infection, not pillow farts)

Then I experienced Internet Science for myself. Now my eyes are open, my life is changed and I will share this simple secret with everyone. Or at least the people who read this blog.

I have diabetes, so I have to regularly monitor my blood sugar. The lower the better. Last month my sugar level was around 21 (healthy is 4-7) so I’ve been working to get it under control. Yesterday, I worked a 14hr day with only breakfast. Going that long without eating usually drives my sugars crazy, but before my really late supper, they were only at 12.4. Yay for progress. To celebrate this success, I ate three mince tarts for supper knowing full well my sugars would be high this moring.

When I checked them before breakfast I got a 12.2. This is where the cool internet science kicks in. Because I had mince tarts before bed and my sugar was 0.2 lower this morning, it’s obvious that mince tarts lower blood sugar! Forget actual medicine prescribed by doctors. That’s all just a scam by the big drug companies to get money from you. Mince tarts cost only a fraction of what you’re paying every month for pills and needles.

As I just demonstrated, this is a PROVEN technique to fight high blood sugars. You can thank me later. (If you’re still around) Not only will this save you money, but you also get to eat yummy, yummy mince tarts. (You can thank me for that too.)

Now you understand how this works, you too can share the wonder of Science on the Internet.

Cheers, Winston

Disclaimer: This is not real science. If you have diabetes PLEASE continue taking any prescribed medication and do not eat yummy, yummy mince tarts to lower your sugars. This article is intended as satire only. Contrary to the wisdom of the internet, this is NOT science.


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