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I lost my temper this morning. It was over something stupid. It didn’t need to happen. I don’t lose it often, but even once in a while is too often. Some days…. I really don’t like myself very much.



There is a rage inside of me,

Each day I watch it grow,

No matter what or how I try,

I cannot make it go.


I try so hard to keep it in,

To spare those close to me.

The harder I try to suppress,

The worse when it breaks free.


I snarl and shout and sound just like,

I have gone quite insane.

But I’ve no easy reason there,

No illness of the brain.


The guilt may damp the flames of rage,

But I know not for long.

And soon enough I’ll loose my grip,

When something small goes wrong.


I’ll lose control, the rage will win,

Misplaced as it may be.

Another moment I’ve destroyed,

Ashamed that I am me.


I vow that I’ll do better now,

No matter what it takes.

But it always ends up the same,

Can’t learn from my mistakes.


There is a beast inside of  me,

It rages on and on.

It does not rest, it will not stop,

‘Til I at last am gone.


Cheers, Winston


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At some point all of us have been on the receiving end of someone’s uniformed judgement of us. For that matter, we’ve probably all done it at some point. Making snap judgements of what’s dangerous is a survival skill. But not one we really need any more. Let’s all try to read the book… not just look at the cover.


No one can see what’s in your heart,

Though they act like they do.

And what it is they think they see,

Decides how they treat you.


They may decide you’re awesome and,

Treat you the very best.

Or maybe find you average and,

Lump you with all the rest.


Sometimes they will decide you are,

The villain of the piece.

Then there’s no effort they won’t make,

Your suff’ring to increase.


But all of this is based on them,

It’s nothing that you’ve done.

For some it is an error true,

But some do it for fun.


Remember this, they are not you,

You’re not just what they see.

Know who you are, be true to you,

And keep your spirit free.


No one can see inside your heart,

My friend except for you.

So look inside, be your best self,

In all you say and do.


Cheers, Winston

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Accentuate the positive! It took me years to learn this seemingly simple lesson. Too often we focus on the negative. We remember the guy who cut us off in traffic but forget the person who slowed down to let us merge. So much of our happiness comes down to growing what we feed. Feed the negative in your life and that’s what will grow. Feed the positive and see what happens!

As always, I’d love to hear what you think.


How You Take It, Is What You Make It

The day is done, the sun goes down,

I look up at the night.

The stars and moon, their beauty share,

With gentle silver light.


As I think back upon my day,

It’s very clear to see.

That whether it was good or bad,

Is always up to me.


The good is where you look for it,

Sometimes it’s hard to find.

But like the bad, it’s always there,

It’s how you set your mind.


It’s true sometimes there’s nasty things,

No good in them I know.

But focus more on positives,

And let the hurtful go.


This is the only power we,

Can truly call our own.

We choose the things we keep inside,

It’s up to us alone.


Let darkness go and light abide,

Keep peace within your soul.

And every day just practice this,

With happiness your goal.


When day is done and sun has set,

You look up at the night.

Look back upon the day you had,

And focus on the light.


Cheers, Winston

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With all the division and bitterness in our society and in the news today, I felt the need to put something out there that’s a bit more positive. I hope you enjoy this take on our legacies. The ghosts we leave are people’s memories of us.


A star I see from where I sit,

It shimmers in the night.

It’s travelled here so very far,

To shine on me tonight.


So sometime very long ago,

That light set out to me.

Not knowing if I would be here,

Now looking up to see.


A star I see from where I sit,

The memory of one.

It may have burned out long before,

Its epic journey’s done.


Yet I still see its light tonight,

So bright though oh so far.

And hope that when my time is done,

I’ll shine on like that star.


Each one we touch remembers us,

Some longer than the rest.

And those we treat with kindness they,

Remember us the best.


So think on this as you go forth,

Upon your busy day.

Let kindness be your legacy,

In loving mem’ries stay.


Cheers, Winston

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Be A Joyful Child

A long, long time ago there was,

A happy child at play.

The old face in the mirror asks,

Where is that child today?

Sometimes it seems like yesterday,

Sometimes an age or more.

Since I have seen that smiling face,

That long ago I wore.

I look for them sometimes it’s true,

That child I used to be.

And now and then, I catch a glimpse,

Of laughing, smiling me.

I think of how it was back then,

With future just a word.

And all the stress of adult life,

Not lived and seldom heard.

I couldn’t see the treasure of,

The life I lived back then.

Sometimes I wish I could go back,

And do it all again.

But that is not the way it works,

Each life goes just one way.

So find the child you used to be.

Let their joy fill your day.

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Own You

Why do we do the things we do?
What is it makes us go?
And when we do what we should not,
Pretend we didn’t know?
Some say this is the way we are,
Imperfect, full of sin.
Some say it’s what our parents did,
Still buried deep within.
I say it is each choice we make,
We make each one alone.
Not parents, God nor DNA,
It’s on our heads alone.
We choose to hold one person back,
Another person teach.
The hand that hurts, the hand that helps,
Just one mind guides them each.
We are just who we choose to be,
No truth could be so plain.
Some lash out from the smallest hurt,
Some rise above their pain.
You cannot choose all of the things,
That life will bring to you.
It’s up to you how you respond,
Think well before you do.

Cheers, Winston

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I Believe In Us


When all the news is doom and gloom,

And hope’s a fools game,

Remember we’ve been here before,

It’s just the tune that’s changed.


We only hear the worst of things,

Bad news sure travels fast.

But there is much that’s good as well,

Although we hear it last.


So many want to hear the worst,

To feel their lot is best.

It’s really hard to find the good,

When bad’s sought by the rest.


The worse the news, the more it plays,

It’s hard to get away.

Find better news more upbeat words,

Folks with good things to say.


So I’ll say this for those who seek,

For words some hope to bring.

I still believe in you and I,

And caring is the thing.


Cheers, Winston


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