NaPoWriMo Day 26

So I’m more than a little behind again. But I’m still in there trying. This is the first of five that I have to post to make the target by month’s end.

Write Until I Die

I am behind again I fear,

this verse is some days late.

I offer no excuse to you,

’tis naught but simple fate.


My intent is naught but the best,

but that is not enough.

The gap ‘twixt wish and will is wide,

and leaping it is tough.


But I go on and try once more,

that is the vow I’ve made.

I by this verse renew that pledge,

for poems I have made.


Though it is hard there is time still,

to honour what I’ve said.

For there’s still breath and life and I,

shall write until I’m dead.


Cheers, Winston


NaPoWriMo DAy 25

I’m a big science fan and am fascinated by the drive to Mars and beyond. Excited to see what wonders I will see and dreaming of what lies beyond.


A Farewell To Earth

To travel far where none have gone,

and see what none have seen,

The sands of Mars, the asteroid belt,

to go where none have been.

To dream a future more secure,

than we have ever known.

Where all we are and ever were,

become like seeds wind blown.

And spread to other worlds so,

no single thing can end.

The human race on just one world,

no longer must depend.

But for this dream, this future us,

the present must invest.

Of people and in effort must,

give nothing but the best.

It won’t come cheap but even so,

this prize is worth the cost.

For if we stay just on the Earth,

one day all shall be lost.

Yes everything that makes us, us,

will pass and be forgot.

If we don’t start the process now,

to leave our small blue dot.

So build a colony on Mars,

one on Europa too.

And mine the asteroid belt as well,

there’s all we need it’s true.

Then when our sun grows cold and still,

on some far distant day.

Somewhere around some distant star,

someone will point and say.

“There is the star that gave us life,

the blue world of our birth.

Ten billion generations out,

Farewell to planet Earth.”


Cheers, Winston

NaPoWriMo Day 24

So, it’s day 24 and it’s a beautiful sunny day. The birds are chirping and you can almost see the back garden coming back to life after it’s long winter sleep. I absolutely love the Springtime.


The Best Season

The shining sun, the singing birds,

you almost hear things grow.

That sense of rebirth and of hope,

I love the Springtime so.


The squirrels racing to and fro,

go leaping tree to tree.

Majestic flocks of geese above,

are such a sight to see.


As every swollen stream and creek,

is spreading out of hand.

They bring their freight of silt and soil,

renew the very land.


The insects buzz from bloom to bloom,

as blossoms show their face.

And all of life bursts forth at once,

to run the vernal race.


Some people love the summer beach,

and temperatures that soar.

But for me this rush of life,

is something I love more.


Cheers, Winston

NaPoWriMo Day 23

So… here we are… caught up again for the moment.  I just have to figure out what to catch up with.


Creating Ghosts

We all carry our ghosts with us,

bits of our past that cling.

Of choices that we now regret,

that baggage that we bring.

The ones we hurt, the ones we lost,

the ones we pushed away.

Now every one is still with us,

within our minds they stay.

We think we’re free of all that’s past,

in that there is no truth.

We’re haunted by the things we’ve done,

the errors of our youth.

As we look back, more often now,

the view begins to change.

It fills with faces of the lost,

some known and some strange.

Then we begin to understand,

the difference that we make.

Face some regrets accept some blame,

wish life’s tests to retake.

But that is not the way this works,

what’s done is done and done.

We can just try to learn from them,

be kind to everyone.

And if we change, if change we can,

with kindness set our path.

Perhaps the demons of our past,

will set aside their wrath.


Cheers, Winston


NaPoWriMo Day 22

No real idea where this came from. Just started putting words down and let them take the shape they wanted. It’s no less true for all that.


My Truth

There must be some comfort in faith,

in knowing what is true.

In knowing if you walk the line,

good things will come to you.

To live a life of surety,

that in the end you’ll win.

If you just follow all the rules,

renounce your every sin.

I lack that faith can’t claim a space,

that’s reserved just for me.

Can’t claim to know the will of God,

I’ll have to wait and see.

So I live life the best I can,

and try to do what’s right.

I do not claim to know the truth,

pray sometimes late at night.

If something’s there, whatever’s there,

may hear my prayers or not.

The truth is this for me at least,

Sometimes I feel forgot.

I speak into the dark and wait,

and then make up my mind.

No answer ever came to me,

my own path I did find.

But maybe that was God’s great plan,

that I should figure out.

What’s right or wrong all on my own,

and overcome my doubt.

So I still talk into the dark,

think maybe something’s there,

But I still choose the path I walk,

and my own choices bear.


Cheers, Winston

NaPoWriMo Day 21

Okay… so it should have been day 21. I’ve got a lot going on right now, so it’s not feasible to write every day. I figure I’ll settle for writing thirty poems in thirty days just not necessarily one a day.


A Writers’ Sin

These words these words and more words still,

how sick of words I feel.

They are but weak and empty things,

mere shadows of the real.

I write and write and write more still,

give thanks to those who read.

Give thanks for those who understand,

and my poor ego feed.

I do not write to save the whales,

nor homelessness to end.

But only for the sounds words make,

no greater good my friend.

So all these words and still more words,

are nothing more than pride.

My voices searching for the light,

escape the void inside.

I pour my soul, pour my poor soul,

into these words I write.

And see it there upon the page,

so small and vain and trite.


Cheers, Winston

NaPoWriMo Day 20

Standing on a balcony at work today and watching the geese flying over the river. One of the surest signs that spring is here.


It’s spring again the geese return,

and robins in the tree.

And like the sap the season brings,

life slowly back to me.


I bask in vernal warmth and soak,

up sunlight every day.

Enjoy the breeze upon my face,

outdoors I wish to stay.


I see the birds and bugs return,

I celebrate each one.

For every sign that spring is here,

is one more winter’s done.


And so I smile and share my joy,

with everyone I see.

Because for me the springtime’s best,

I’m sure you all agree.


Cheers, Winston