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So the poetic adventure continues. With no idea what to write, this extra thirty-one poem idea seemed a bit like hubris. Then once I started writing….. it just wouldn’t stop. I hope you enjoy this little….

Trip To Fairyland

I dreamed I lay upon a beach,
‘Neath sun I’d never seen.
Where all my life a yellow ball,
Now stood a disc of green.

No dolphins frolicked in the waves,
But still something moved there.
‘Twas half a woman half a fish,
With long ringletted hair.

And then a man who’s half a horse,
Came charging ‘long the shore.
He fired arrows’ til she fled,
Cared not how much I swore.

He said it was for my own good,
She’d set a trap for me.
So if I’d not be drowned or et,
It’s best if I should flee.

He nocked an arrow to his bow,
And aimed it at my head.
Said had I not the wits to flee,
‘Twas better were I dead.

I felt he might be slightly mad,
So turned and ran away.
I heard him shouting as I ran,
No clue what he would say.

So on I ran beyond the dunes,
And stopped dead in a daze.
A field of every brilliant bloom,
Spread out before my gaze.

A tiny sprite her wings a blur,
Hangs there before my face.
Go back she says you must go back,
You can’t be in this place.

The beauty here will poison you,
More deadly than you think.
Remember this that as you go,
You must not eat or drink.

Go seek the maiden of the sea,
Beg her to guide you home.
To help you cross the sea of dreams,
Or here forever roam.

On saying this she sped away,
And vanished from my view.
I turned away to seek the sea,
My feet now wet with dew.

A forest stands before me now,
Sweet fruit on every bough.
Forbidden fruit the sweeter still,
I must resist somehow.

The thirst now gnaws it drains my will,
I hear a stream nearby.
Above the gurgle of the rill,
I here a seagull cry.

If I can hold out to the beach,
My home I’ll once more see.
But thirst and hunger haunt my thoughts,
More than my family.

I know that if I eat or drink,
I’m here forever more.
But even if I make it back,
What do I have in store?

A job I hate a life alone,
The same things every day.
The truth is I could love this place,
That’s what the voices say.

And suddenly the spells they weave,
Fall then to dust and fade.
I let the fruit fall from my hand,
So near my mind betrayed.

I stumble on and there is  sand,
At last beneath my feet.
And then I start to understand,
This place can not be beat.

I spy the maid close by the shore,
Her fish tail waves to me.
Her sunlit hair of gold so bright,
That I can barely see.

I beg her then to guide me back,
Her laugh is genuine.
A hundred years have passed since I,
First tasted fairy wine.

She still recalls when first I came,
Across the sea of dreams.
Ignored her warning drank the wine,
More potent than it seems.

She offers me a goblet then,
Bids me drink and forget.
Give it another hundred years,
You cannot leave here yet.

Cheers, Winston

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