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So something a little different tonight. When I was younger, I used to suffer the most terrifying nightmares. Fortunately, less so now, but I still remember trying to stay awake to avoid them.


The Demons in my Mind

Strange nightmares fall into my head,

and banish hope of sleep.

Phantasms stark in lurid hues,

in every shadow creep.

The ticking of my mantle clock,

so loud it hurts my ears.

Is still not loud enough to hide,

the sound of silent tears.

The night so long, what hour is this,

how long ’til morning light?

It’s barely past the witching hour,

still hours of this fright.

I light a lamp and say a prayer,

pray that these dreams will end,

I pray for sleep to bring me rest,

my spirit’s wounds to mend.

But I still dread to close my eyes,

still dread all that sleep brings.

The tread of scaly, taloned feet,

or hiss of leath’ry wings.

The demons conjured by my mind,

for every wrong I’ve done.

Are waiting just behind my eyes,

to avenge every one.

But I can lie awake in fear,

for only just so long.

And now must close my eyes and pay,

the price for one more wrong.


Cheers, Winston

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