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It’s strange how fast time goes sometimes. It seems like it was only this morning that I was writing the poem for Day 26. Funny how that works eh? Ah well, if I can get past this last blank page, I’ll have made my deadline. Let’s see what’s left in the bottle… shall we?


Lynn My Love

My love again you are the one,

I turn to in my need.

The inspiration for my life,

you are my muse indeed.


When I can’t think of what to write,

need only think of you.

And sure enough the blocks dissolve,

to let the words flow through,


I love you Lynn you are my life,

make all I do worthwhile.

The greatest gifts that I’ll receive,

are your love and your smile.


So thank you once again my love,

for all the joy you bring.

You are the Sun and Moon to me,

you are my everything.


Cheers, Winston


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The Best Things In Life Are… You!

Dear Universe, I’d like to say,
A thank you from my heart.
For bringing me this person who,
I’ve loved right from the start.

My love provides a piece of me
l didn’t know was gone.
She gives so much, brings me such joy,
My strength to carry on.

I was the one who could not see,
The joy in every day.
But love has helped me see that joy,
That life can bring my way.

So thank you life for bringing me,
This Angel whom I love.
And thank you love for coming here,
From Heaven up above

Cheers, Winston.

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Day 29 of NaPoWriMo… one more to write!

Today its back to my number one inspiration. My wife Lynn. Love you Sweetheart.

Still The Only One For Me


I’ve had an awesome weekend with
My wife whom I love so.
But now it’s early Monday and
Its back to work I go.

We spent it all together and
This is the wondrous part.
With fifteen years behind we are
Still fresh as at the start.

Thank you so much oh Angel mine
For all the time we share.
I’m so much more alive with you
Than when you are not there.

I wish that it could be like this
For everyone it’s true.
But if it can’t then I’m just glad
It can for me and you.

Cheers, Winston

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NaPoWriMo post 26 is a love poem for awesome lover Lynn. Thank you so very much my angel.


I dreamed of love one summer night
And then when I awoke.
I realized it was a dream
That’s when my heart was broke.

For years I thought that was the end
My dream now never true.
But I know now the dream was real
Now that I have found you.

You’re everything I dreamt you’d be
That night so long ago.
I am so blessed to share your life.
So blessed you love me so.

I cannot thank you near enough
For all you do for me.
Although I pray that these few words
Will somehow help you see.

I’m so much more than I would be
Without you in my life.
I am so blessed in every way
To have you as my wife.

Cheers, Winston

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