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It’s strange how fast time goes sometimes. It seems like it was only this morning that I was writing the poem for Day 26. Funny how that works eh? Ah well, if I can get past this last blank page, I’ll have made my deadline. Let’s see what’s left in the bottle… shall we?


Lynn My Love

My love again you are the one,

I turn to in my need.

The inspiration for my life,

you are my muse indeed.


When I can’t think of what to write,

need only think of you.

And sure enough the blocks dissolve,

to let the words flow through,


I love you Lynn you are my life,

make all I do worthwhile.

The greatest gifts that I’ll receive,

are your love and your smile.


So thank you once again my love,

for all the joy you bring.

You are the Sun and Moon to me,

you are my everything.


Cheers, Winston


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Here we are at day 6 of NaPoWriMo and I’m starting to question why I do this. So that’s what I’ll write about tonight.


A Rambling Thought

I sit and write and as I do,

a thought occurs to me.

Why do I write? What is the point?

What use can these words be?

I’m certain that no lives will change,

because of reading this.

If I should stop, just give it up,

there’s naught for you to miss.

So if it’s not for you I write,

perhaps it is for me.

An outlet for the noise within,

to let somebody see.

These words are just a fleeting thought,

set free and then no more.

Although they linger on the page,

they mean less than before.

The muse which drives me ever on,

decides the way I take.

I never know the verse I’ll write,

nor what new rhyme I’ll make.

I do not plan or try to seek,

for some specific goal.

Just start to write and let it flow,

until it’s done and whole.

And now my muse is telling me,

this task is nearly done.

Just one more line, at last I see,

this is the final one.

Cheers, Winston

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