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Be A Joyful Child

A long, long time ago there was,

A happy child at play.

The old face in the mirror asks,

Where is that child today?

Sometimes it seems like yesterday,

Sometimes an age or more.

Since I have seen that smiling face,

That long ago I wore.

I look for them sometimes it’s true,

That child I used to be.

And now and then, I catch a glimpse,

Of laughing, smiling me.

I think of how it was back then,

With future just a word.

And all the stress of adult life,

Not lived and seldom heard.

I couldn’t see the treasure of,

The life I lived back then.

Sometimes I wish I could go back,

And do it all again.

But that is not the way it works,

Each life goes just one way.

So find the child you used to be.

Let their joy fill your day.


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Own You

Why do we do the things we do?
What is it makes us go?
And when we do what we should not,
Pretend we didn’t know?
Some say this is the way we are,
Imperfect, full of sin.
Some say it’s what our parents did,
Still buried deep within.
I say it is each choice we make,
We make each one alone.
Not parents, God nor DNA,
It’s on our heads alone.
We choose to hold one person back,
Another person teach.
The hand that hurts, the hand that helps,
Just one mind guides them each.
We are just who we choose to be,
No truth could be so plain.
Some lash out from the smallest hurt,
Some rise above their pain.
You cannot choose all of the things,
That life will bring to you.
It’s up to you how you respond,
Think well before you do.

Cheers, Winston

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I Believe In Us


When all the news is doom and gloom,

And hope’s a fools game,

Remember we’ve been here before,

It’s just the tune that’s changed.


We only hear the worst of things,

Bad news sure travels fast.

But there is much that’s good as well,

Although we hear it last.


So many want to hear the worst,

To feel their lot is best.

It’s really hard to find the good,

When bad’s sought by the rest.


The worse the news, the more it plays,

It’s hard to get away.

Find better news more upbeat words,

Folks with good things to say.


So I’ll say this for those who seek,

For words some hope to bring.

I still believe in you and I,

And caring is the thing.


Cheers, Winston


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I am the Law and I care not

For what is wrong or right.

I answer only to myself.

Care not for oversight,

No justice here, for justice is

A subtle, fickle thing.

The Law cares not for subtlety

Morality is king.

And i don’t care whose Morals are

Enshrined in every line.

The Law’s the Law, so says the Law,

And all the power’s mine.

So if you ever stand before

My lofty bench and seek,

For justice know the Law is strong,

But juries may be weak,

Cheers, Winston

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So I’m more than a little behind again. But I’m still in there trying. This is the first of five that I have to post to make the target by month’s end.

Write Until I Die

I am behind again I fear,

this verse is some days late.

I offer no excuse to you,

’tis naught but simple fate.


My intent is naught but the best,

but that is not enough.

The gap ‘twixt wish and will is wide,

and leaping it is tough.


But I go on and try once more,

that is the vow I’ve made.

I by this verse renew that pledge,

for poems I have made.


Though it is hard there is time still,

to honour what I’ve said.

For there’s still breath and life and I,

shall write until I’m dead.


Cheers, Winston

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A mind is a terrible thing to waste on nightmares. But here’s another one. Enjoy!


My Night Terrors

The bump in the night, the scratch in the walls,

things wake us in the night.

We are not sure just what we heard,

we cannot place that fright.

We tell ourselves there’s nothing there,

inside we know we lie.

We cannot shake that feeling though,

no matter how we try.

The wind that blows the branches which,

then tick against the pane.

Makes shadows dance across the wall,

Look! There they go again.

We try to rest, escape once more,

into a dreamless sleep.

But even if we do doze off,

it’s into nightmares deep.

But though we know we cannot sleep,

dare not get off the bed.

For what may lurk on shadowed floor,

now fills our heart with dread.

We tell ourselves it’s in our head,

deny our racing heart.

As cold sweat seeps along our limbs,

the shakes in our hands start.

The demons which I conjure there,

when darkest night is here.

Are far, far worse than hell could send,

on this I must be clear.

For they creep out from where they live,

so deep within my mind.

Where I keep all my ugly bits,

in darkness, life they find.

But I’ll hold out, the demons face,

’til morning dawns once more.

And face my day still sleep deprived,

as I’ve oft’ done before.


Cheers, Winston


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Well, today it’s back to the introspection thing.  Lynn found yesterday’s effort a tad unsettling.



(or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Tolerate The Crowd)

Once upon a time there was,

a boy who never learned.

To be a boy like others were,

so all friendships he spurned.

He swore he needed no one but,

he knew it was a lie.

So all alone he lived his life,

no one to hear him cry.

There came a day, a turning point,

he knew it had to end.

The loneliness would claim his life,

his ways he had to mend.

So day by day and week by week,

he studied and he tried.

To learn to human like the rest,

and no more have to hide.

There’s things to learn by reading books,

and things you have to do.

And peopling is one of those,

that books can’t quite teach you.

He learned to talk to other folks,

he found they weren’t so bad.

In fact they all had fears like him,

but also joys they had.

He learned to face some of his fears,

and learned to find some joys.

And came to understand in life,

sometimes the world annoys.

He also found to his surprise,

he likes this life he’s made.

And best of all when peopling,

he’s finally unafraid.


Cheers, Winston


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