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I think I mentioned last time that things get a little strange once the creativity starts flowing. Well, hopefully I can finish on a slightly more normal note.


A Note To My Therapist

A dream perhaps and yet more real,

than I have known before.

How can I know the truth of it,

what’s dream and what is more.


In dreams I often tell myself,

“You’re dreaming never fear.”

But what if I am wrong and this,

is false, the dream is here.


What if rules and common sense,

are only in my head.

And all the chaos I call dreams,

is really real instead.


There’s no answer that I can find,

no way to truly know.

So I’ll just choose the one I like,

and that’s where I will go.


So if you come and I have gone,

it’s true I’ve only woke.

It’s you who’s trapped within a dream,

the punchline to my joke.


Cheers, Winston


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A darker tone tonight.  No reason except that this is what fell out of my brain. 

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

A Real Delusion

I dream I wake I realize,
I’m still within the dream.
Awake, asleep, I cannot tell,
If things are what they seem.

This person speaks to me I swear,
I do not know their name.
And though I walk it every day,
This street is not the same.

Days pass in here they turn to weeks,
I’m starting to forget.
The other world the waking world,
I’m hanging on but yet.

The doctors say that I am ill,
A sickness of the mind.
They give me pills and talk with me,
They really are most kind.

I only see my waking world,
When I am fast asleep,
It’s getting hard to hold onto,
The memories that I keep.

Last night I dreamed that I awoke,
Next to I knew not who.
She woke then wept and told me that,
It’s she I’m married to.

But now I’m back in land of dreams,
The doctor ups my dose.
But I can feel my home again,
So faint but oh so close.

I tell the Doc I want the cure.
He’s bound to set me right.
But with his help despite his help.
I’m going home tonight.

Cheers, Winston

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